Range maintenance work continuing

As of Sunday 2nd July, the backstop is now in place, however the steel target boxes are still being constructed. Thanks to all who contributed time and labour today.

Range open on Sunday 2nd July!

Range open on Sunday 2nd July!

The backstop has been rebuilt with new sand, but we still need to rebuild the boxes for the steels. Please come on Sunday from 9:30am to help out!

Range closed for maintenance

As of 22/6/17 the range is still closed while the backstop is undergoing repair, following flood damage earlier in the year. It will NOT be open on Sunday 25/6/17.   Please check the website for further updates.

Flood damage to range

Following last weekend’s heavy rain run-off collected above the steel targets and eventually broke through, damaging the structure and washing away ballistic sand. A work party on Sunday morning removed damaged timbers and made good temporarily but currently there are no steel targets. Repairs will be carried out ASAP, members will be notified as and […]


The club was founded in 1978 by  John Hordern and a group of local shooters who wished at that time to make use of the Congleton Leisure Centre indoor rifle range – the range being only available to clubs. By 1979 membership had increased and outgrown the facilities at Congleton, so found a new home […]