Black powder pistol

Black powder pistols are potentially as accurate as their modern counterparts though their rate of fire is much slower. Shooting may be conducted with original period pistols or with modern replicas. Matches may be fired under International Standard conditions at 25 metres with single shot flintlock or percussion pistols (best 10 shots from 13 fired […]

Centrefire comp 19/6/16

Centrefire comp 19/6/16

1st mark sutherland 97 2nd hayder kadhem 91 3rd mark butterworth 90 4th paul audus 89 4th mike whitworth 89 5th gary nelson 88 6th devon audus 70 7th tim grimes 69 8th tim bugg 61

F class rifle

F Class is the fastest growing target-shooting discipline in the UK. The course of fire is similar to TR but the targets are much smaller and competitors may use a telescopic sight, plus the rifle can be supported mechanically, front and rear.  Any calibre is allowed up to 8mm but muzzle brakes are excluded.  The […]

Quarry range safety.

Only the shooter plus a single instructor may be on a single firing point lane at any one time. Anyone who is watching must stand to the rear of the firing point. Rifles must only be carried or moved when the bolt, or lever, is open and a breech flag is visible in the chamber […]