Centrefire Results 3/9/17

  Name Score Position Matt Blakeley 58 1 Alan Bailey 53 2 Anthony B 51 3 Hyder Kedhem 35 4 Jay 29 5 Pete Eachus 25 6 Will De 23 7 Graham 19 8

Lever Rifle Results, 26/11/17

  Name Hits Combined Time Position Frank Fisher 3 55.20 1 Graham Myers 3 123.82 2 Tim Carroll 2 64.87 3 Gary Cooper 0 26.51 4 Stuart Bell 0 29.86 5 Dan Biggar 0 32.66 6 Mike Randall 0 39.88 7 Pete Eachus 0 44.75 8

Pheasant Valley 2017

Position Name 1 Michael Randall 2 Dan Biggar 3 Peter Mckeegan 4 Chris Stevens 4 Joe Wood 6 Ant Barratt 7 Alan Bailey 8 Gary Cooper 9 Dave Wild  

Range reopened!

Thanks to a lot of hard work and a considerable investment, the backstop has been rebuilt. Steel targets are not yet hung, but everything else is ready. Please be aware that some competitions will now be rescheduled – check the website for details.

Range maintenance work continuing

As of Sunday 2nd July, the backstop is now in place, however the steel target boxes are still being constructed. Thanks to all who contributed time and labour today.

Range open on Sunday 2nd July!

Range open on Sunday 2nd July!

The backstop has been rebuilt with new sand, but we still need to rebuild the boxes for the steels. Please come on Sunday from 9:30am to help out!

Range closed for maintenance

As of 22/6/17 the range is still closed while the backstop is undergoing repair, following flood damage earlier in the year. It will NOT be open on Sunday 25/6/17.   Please check the website for further updates.